Air filters

VMC upto 2001   & VMC 2001 onwards

EML Jumbo and mini jumbo

BSU and Wasp

4 stroke oil filters

Filter oil and cleaners, Motorex, Notoil and Valvoline


Wheel bearings

Swinging arm bearings and linkage bearings

Rose end joints 8mm & 10mm male & female

Rose end bearings and DDU bushes various sizes.


Ignition Systems :  Zabel/MTH/KTM



Peg cut outs and rubber cap type

Spark plugs


Reiger suspension and steering dampers

Standard sidecar set

Steering damper

Shock covers

Pit caps


Carb to suit MTH/Zabel  Bing 55

41mm KTM carburettor

Bing jets, needles, slides in stock

Throttle cables and controls

Power blades for Carb air intakes


Chain and sprockets for all VMC, EML, BSU and Wasp fitments.

O ring, X ring and standard chain.  D.I.D and Iris

Chain Rollers, Chain guides, rim locks etc.,


Plastics to suit :  VMC, EML, BSU and Wasp

Mudguards, Radiator Scoops, Seats and covers, Wheel discs and

Flat panel


Additive: Does exactly what it says

Instantly reduces engine oil temperature

Dramatically increases clutch/engine life

Suitable for all 2 stroke + 4 stroke machines


MTM front forks